Sunday, 1 July 2007

What a week

I have had such a drama filled week last week. It all started on Saturday, when our beloved coffee machine had a split in the steam arm, so, I rang the manufacturer and told them and they told me to take it back to Harvey Norman and they will just give me a new one!! How good was that?? Anyway, Me and Dennis went to Launceston on Saturday, picked up the new machine and once home I took it out of the box and ......... and ........ dropped it!!! OMG!!! I had smashed the water tank, coffee dispenser and the side panel popped out *cry*cry*!! Well, Dennis set to work by ringing the insurance company only to find they would not cover it!! *cry*cry*. So, Dennis thought he might ring Harvey Norman and see if they could do something...... and they sure did!! They told us that they had another new one for us and to bring the smashed one back and swap it over!! OMG, how good was that?? I am now a happy chappy again!! The first thing I did when we got home from Launceston was make us both a cappa!! (after DENNIS got it out of the box!!). Anyway, that was not the only drama...... I dropped the iron and had to get a new one, broke the little clip that holds the shopping bags in the boot, one of my coaster tiles is broken and my favourite sharp knife broke in 2 (Dennis that time)..... Nan told me to brake a match, but I dont reakon anything else is going to break - surely????

On the sewing front - Here is the next Journey of a Quilter block completed. Just in time as the next one just arrived in the mail box!! And, I have made a start on the Ornie for the Xmas in July swap :-)
Luv Sarah X


jenthebum said...

Oh Sarah what a dramatic week. Glad that you finally got a coffe machine in one piece. Remind me not to send you anything breakable.

Your journey of a quilter block looks lovely.

helbel19 said...

Wow what a time you have had.

Your Journey of a Quilter is coming along nicely.


Leanne said...

I would most probably slash my wrist if my coffee machine died. If it wasn't for sewing I wouldn't worry about the iron. I love your Journey of a quilter block.