Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Quilters Journal - Leanne Beasley

I have just completed one thing from my "list". The Quilters Journal - it looks great and I am so pleased with it!! Last night, Kristy, Roseanne and Myself had a "craft night" where we attached the ribbons and made some tags for it, which was the last few things to do (they are doing one too, which was a project for us to do together!!). This morning, I glued the rest of the tags in place as we didnt have time to finish it last night and put on some embelishments and even made up my very first project page!!
This is the first page I made - a square in square. It is of the pram quilt I made for a friends baby shower.

This is one of the dividers. On the lift hand side is the back of the pram quilt page and I have put a little info inside the stitching and glued on a little flower.


**De** said...

WOW - Looks great!

Lynda said...


I have the dvd with the instructions and just might be tempted to make this ... one day ...

Sarah said...

Thanx girls!! It was sooo much fun to make. We all had a ball!! You both will have to make one, they are a great idea and i just love it!!

helbel19 said...

Sarah your journal looks great, I am yet do one for myself but I did pinch a few of the ideas to do albums for a couple of friends with photos of our little dolly club and they were so pleased with them.

Fantastic job.


Lynda said...

Hi Sarah

Just ordered a ring binder and stuff to make this. Took me a while to finally decide!