Monday, 24 December 2012

Quick as a Flash Santa Sack - tutorial

The other day, I dropped into Spotlight to grab some cheap Christmas fabric to make some quick and easy gift sacks.  On my way in, I ran into my Aunt and cousins and they suggested to get these stripe table cloths and at only $10 for a 180cm square they were a real bargain!  The good thing about using a table cloth is that you don't have to hem the top!
Here is what I did.... Nothing fancy, but just so that it keeps gifts together so there is no sorting before we head out the door!
I folded the fabric in half with the top of the sack at the top, and cut to desired width.  Mine, I cut them at about half a mtr (50cm):

Then I sewed up the side seams.  For 2 of mine, I cut with a pinking (zig zag) blade and made sure the seam was on the outside (by having the wrong sides together and sewed up the sides) as this is what I wanted to do with the fabric ones.  Looked great, but as I am using woven fabric, I was getting alot mess about the place so I put the good sides together and sewed up the side!  When I sew up any bag, I tend to start sewing at the top, this way you know that the top of the bag is even.

Now, turn your sack out the right way.  As this sack does not have any string/ribbon casings (its just to hold gifts together), I found the middle of the sack on the back, and the middle of the wide ribbon (which I cut at about 1mt), and pinned them together about 7" down from the top:

Pinned together in the middle like this:

Then I sewed up and down a few times to give it some strength:

Now your done!  Put your gifts in and wrap the ribbon around and tie with a bow. 

Told you they were simple!  I have now made 5 :+)


Anonymous said...

what a fantastic idea Sarah and they look fantastic.xx

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Love it Sarah....did you make the peanut pillow for Nan....

Vicki said...

Great idea, Sarah !!

Anonymous said...

Such a simple but GREAT idea Sarah. I think I might do this to HIDE all the kids presents next year :)