Tuesday, 1 December 2009

'Table Turnover' Tutorial

OK, here it is...... My 'Table Turnover' pattern:
Here is a pic of the Table Topper/Lap Quilt and you may use it to put on your blog and link it back here if you wish:
So, you will need a Turnover pack - there are 80 triangles in each pack. They are generally 6" squares cut into triangles. And, you will need a Charm pack too - mine had 40 charms. Sew 2 triangles together on the long side - like the below pic. I made 2 the same of each block - that way when you cross-cut them they match up together (if you wish to do this, it is easiest and quickest if you separate your pack in half) you will see further down what I mean:

Now, you will need to cross-cut them from point to point like this:

As I had 2 blocks the same, I was able to put them together looking like this:

But, if you wanted a more 'scrappy' look, which will look just as beautiful, it would end up looking like this:

Then, once you are pleased with your block arrangement, sew them together, you may need to trim your 4 patch triangle block down to 5" (the same as a Charm Square):

Now you are ready to sew the rows! When sewing the triangles and squares together, make sure that they alternate. One block, one triangle, one block, one triangle etc. I made mine 8 blocks wide - but if you intend to have an odd number across, you will need to make sure that you alternate the first block.

When you have your rows together it is time to sew the rows together. I made 8 rows for mine! Make sure that the blocks alternate on the way down as well as across. If you have an even number across, you will have a 4 patch one end and a block the other so it is easy for you to sew together:

Here is mine. 8 blocks x 8 rows:

The finished size is approx 36" square - just the right size for my coffee table. I did have a few blocks left over (16 in fact!) and plan to make something with those. You could easily make yours 8 blocks x 10 rows, or 7 blocks x 11 rows etc.....
I hope you have enjoyed this pattern. I have enjoyed sharing it with you (and glad it didn't go astray again!!) If you would like to purchase any Turnovers - I have limited stock in my online store.... and if you purchased a Turnover & a Charm Pack I will add some binding fabric as a 'bonus'!
x Sarah


Teresa said...

Thanks Sarah, it's really lovely. Looks nice and easy too.

Heckety said...

That is so nifty! Thank you for sharing!

Gloria J W said...

Thanks Sarah... looks great and very effective. That's on the to-do list as well... ahh hummm...
Rainbow smiles... Gloria