Wednesday, 17 June 2015

F is for?

F is for..... Fiona!  I spent ages, making this button 'F' on linen with orange buttons for Fiona, lining up every single one, thinking I had to make for her in our button swap.  It was only in an email between us that the penny had dropped and I found out I had made a mistake!  LOL!  I decided to make it up into a notebook cover (funny that, as that is what I received from her!), for her Birthday seeing her gift was going to be a little late!

I had this cute sewing notebook which I put inside:
Made with the gorgeous Scrumptious and Miss Kate fabrics.
I had no wrapping paper here, so decided to put her gift in some fabric and sew it together. I have done this a couple of times, it looks effective! Plus the recipient needs to work for their gift as they need to get their quick-unpick out hehehehe!

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