Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Swoon top done

I know this is not an actual finish, but I did FINALLY finish making my 'scrumptious' Swoon quilt top!  It had been sitting around for SO long, since there was a problem with my background fabrics giving me 2 shades.  Everyone told me to leave it, but I just couldn't.  It had to be fixed, and finally last weekend I spent a few hours on Saturday taking the problem blocks out (some were the flying geese sections) and adding in a new piece.  Borders were added and now I am very, very happy with it. 

Its now sitting in the 'quilting' pile, and I hope to get to it sooner, rather than later :)
Here is my favourite Swoon block:

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Lynda said...

I'm so glad you're tickled pink with it now - would have been no good finishing it off when you weren't 100% happy. It looks fantastic. My orange swoon will be my next big quilt I think.