Monday, 28 April 2014

Pouch Tutorial

Remember way back in Feb I promised a little Sewing Pocket Tutorial here on my blog?  Well, I have finally got around to doing it :)  If you are in need of a quick gift, then this is it!  Its quick and easy to whip up...

First things first, you will need to cut your pieces:
Outer:  10" x 22"
Lining: 10" x 21.75
Flap: 2 @ 9.5" x 6.5
Pellon:  10" x 22" & 9.5" x 6.5"
1x Sew in magnetic clasp

You can choose to cut the inside of your flap piece the same as lining, or same as the front.  I chose to have the same as lining this time. 
I found that you don't want 2 'busy' fabrics for this pouch, so I chose to have the beige flower for the pouch, and the owls for the flap.  You could mix it up and have a plain on the flap and a feature for the pouch... its up to you!

Iron your pellon onto the pouch outer and one flap piece:

Place your 2 flap pieces on your cutting mat, right sides together.  Place a saucer on the BOTTOM 9.5" edge and cut with your rotary cutter.  Repeat for the other side.  If you are using directional fabric, make sure you are cutting the bottom.

Pin together:

And sew together, leaving the 'straight', top 9.5" edge open.
Turn right way out, press and top stitch around the seam with a 1/4":
Find the centre of your flap and outer and pin together.  Your outer and flap outer should be right sides together.  Sew approx. 1/8" along the edge - this is just to hold it for now.

Bring the 2 short sides of the outer together - right sides together, and starting from the TOP edge, sew along the long edges on both sides using a 1/4" seam.  Sew both sides.

Turn your outer right side out.
Bring your lining 10" edge to meet the top 10" and sew both side seams from the top using a slightly larger seam allowance than 1/4" - leave a turning hole in one side, in the middle, approx 3" wide.  This will make it fit nice and snug and not baggy.

Place your outer INSIDE your lining.  You should have the right sides of both your outer and lining together:

Make sure your flap is inside.  Pin.  All raw edges are ready to be sewn together:

Sew around the whole top 1/4"
Turn through:
Then place lining inside the pocket:
Press so that the top seams are nice and flat:
Top stitch around the edge you have just seen (you have already done the flap):
Attach some magnetic clasps - I used the sew on ones from HERE.  Or you could use some Velcro or press studs.  Sew them approx 3" down on your outer, and 2" from the edge of the flap.
Sew up turning hole and add a big button to the front if you like.  I am leaving mine plain as I think the flap is busy enough.  I did put a button on the other HERE.
Its now all done.  For the printable pattern, click HERE.
Told you it was quick and easy!


Jan said...

Great tutorial, Sarah - thank you. I plan to make a couple of these when I come back from holiday; my scrap basket could do with some clearing out.

helbel19 said...

Terrific Sarah, I might have to make a couple of these..... thanks


Anonymous said...

Thankyou Sarah for sharing your pattern ,a lovely quick gift to make.xx

Susan said...

A great idea - sounds easy enough!
Thanks for sharing

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

This is so good thanks Sarah...