Friday, 28 March 2014


Yesterday was my Dad's 60th Birthday!  He is young hey?!  We had all decided years ago, we were not going to purchase gifts for Birthdays, but a 60th is special and SO is he!  Now you might remember I made an iPad bag a little while ago, well Dad really wanted one!  He never asks me to make anything... not sure if that says something about what I make LOL.  So how could I resist.  I set about to find the perfect fabric, then Mum found this in her stash, one he chose a while ago - so we did a swap (as she wanted some fabric I had!). 
Here is the pocket side:

And the zippy part to put the iPad in:
As soon as he un-wrapped it, he checked to see if his iPad fit... and it did!  Phew!
I also made him another special gift... must hunt out the pic to share. 
Happy Birthday to the bestest Dad!  With love, your favourite daughter xx


Susan said...

Great gift idea for the man who has everything. You must be a spring chicken too, if he's only 60.

Maria said...

Happy 60th to your Dad... What a great gift you made him...

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

He is young Sarah seeing I'm not far off....LOL....perfect gift, I bet he loved it,,,

Leanne said...

Youre a favourite daughter to, lol so am I. Great ipad bag. I love it.