Friday, 27 September 2013

What's on the Gammill Friday

I am now fairly settled in our new premises, still a few things to do, nothing major, and I managed to get a couple of quilts done these last couple of days! 

Here is the most recent quilt quilted, made by the lovely 'L':

Pretty floral fabrics aren't they?!
Pattern design:  Flower Swirls
And, as promised, here is a pic of my Gammill in her spot at the shop.  She fits perfectly in this spot.
Like my clock?  Everyone comments about it.  Its huge and I purchased it especially for the shop. 
Now I am more settled, I might be able to get some sewing done :)  Fingers crossed!


Jo in TAS said...

Love the clock, just perfect for a quilting shop!

Noela said...

Looking good Sarah. Hugs......