Sunday, 24 February 2013

Mums Tilda Table Runner

Today I went to Mum's and took some pics of her Tilda Table Runner that we made at our sewing day.  Quilted the same as mine, with the roses.

She decided to fussy cut the feature blocks (love those prints):

And it looks fantastic on her coffee table!

Don't they look so different?!  I have had quite a few emails regarding the pattern.  It was in a Handmade magazine, the pattern is called 'Winding Path' by Heather Lownds.  I am unsure of the issue as it was a free mag with the purchase of another, and it was really the only thing I liked in that mag, so ripped out that pattern and tossed the rest out. 


Leanne said...

That is really for me isn't it I love it.

Lynda said...

They are both beautiful Sarah.

Anonymous said...

they are so gorgeous,well done ladies.xx

Vickie said...

Oh wow they look so different but both are gorgeous,cheers Vickie

DAWNIE said...

Oh nice sarah

Anthea said...

Hi Sarah! That's such a pretty runner, well done.
I have the magazine featuring Winding Path, it's great to see the way an item looks different when done in different fabrics x