Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Knitting project

I have the knitting bug!  I know its too hot, but sometimes its nice to switch to a different project!  This is my second attempt, yes!  I had trouble locating the very first stitch, so I was starting to get an odd pattern in one section, so decided to start another.  This time I have a little orange wool marker which I just slip over to the other needle after the last stitch.  It works perfectly for circular projects.

So, what am I knitting?  After admiring Toni's cowls, I have decided to have a go.  Toni does a wonderful job on them and they look SO good!  My first one (I have wool for another!), will be a single cowl, not a wrap around one. 

So far this is what it looks like:
Wool:  The team at Tangled Yarns are SO helpful!  Nothing is too much trouble for them, and they answer any questions you have very promptly.  I will be ordering from then again that's for sure.  The wool I chose was from the Black Sheep Cotton Fleece range and it is going to be SO soft and warm. 
Pattern from HERE.


Susan said...

It's looking good, you make me want to knit too.

Noela said...

So muggy here with all the rain, I think knitting will have to wait for a while. Love the colour of the wool. Hugs......