Thursday, 22 November 2012

A early Christmas gift

With Sophie's last grooming session for the year being done yesterday, I managed to whip up another runner as Sam's 'thankyou' Christmas gift. 
Made using some Christmas charms, which turned into this:
Quilted on my Gammill with the 'Stars and Loops' pattern.  I decided to go without the ric-rac as the red sashings are the feature instead:
This table runner is very wide too!  It only just fits on our coffee table. You could easily make it 4 Charms wide instead of the 5 and it would then fit most cabinets.  I went to take a pic of it on top of our hallway cabinet, but it just flapped over the front!
 Here is a pic of the backing:

Pretty pleased Sam loved it too!  
I actually didn't make it as long as the pattern, as I left some of the plain fabrics out.
There is time to whip yourself one up too.  I managed to whip up the top in only about an hour and a half.  I have kits available if you are interested.  This one is made from Countdown to Christmas and we have another 2 fabric kits available too with free postage.  Check them out HERE.  Limited stock!


Roseanne said...

It look lovely Sarah I love the red sashings. Beautiful fabric I like bright colours for Christmas.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Fantastic runner Sarah..x

Maree: said...

It's Lovely Sarah and Great Quilting.

Noela said...

Love the runner Sarah and so quick to make. Hugs......

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Sarah, looks great :)