Saturday, 4 August 2012

Free pattern!

I have had quite a few comments regarding my Disappearing 9 Patch quilt in Vintage Modern fabrics:\

Can you remember I made one is Sunkissed last year?:

Handy Manda, I am going to have to check out the Disappearing 4 patch!  Sounds interesting!

This quilt took me only a few hours to make the top, so its a great easy, quick project!  The finished size is approx 50.5" square, but by adding another charm pack or two, or even borders you can easily make it bigger! 
So, I have saved it in my Google Documents for you!  If you would like the FREE pattern click HERE.  I have added it to the FREE PATTERN list on my left hand sidebar for future reference.  It is a very basic pattern..... I would love to see some pics of your finished quilts too!


Vickie said...

thank you Sarah for your time in making this available, love the quilt,cheers Vickie

Larissa said...

Thankyou Sarah! This looks great!!
... Just FYI, I've been having trouble getting onto your shop site ... and then I tried emailing you, but they were returned. Was trying to find my copy of your business card, but it seems I've put it away in a very safe place ... so safe, I can't find it right now, lol. Thus why I am letting you know here ... feel free to delete the message once you've read it hun!! Hope everything is okay on your end!! Hugs! xx

HandyManda said...

The four patch one is just as easy, maybe easier being that you start with 4 squares instead of the 9. Let me know how you go with it!!

HandyManda said...

I found this tonight, you probably already found one via google anyway, but it's here in case you wanted to see it again.