Friday, 20 July 2012

What's on The Gammill Friday

Today's WOTGF is a Christmas quilt by 'D'.  Its never too early you know!  Well, actually its only 6 months away!  Can you believe it?!  Anyway, this quilt has quite a bit of applique on it.  I love the stockings hanging up all in a row waiting to be filled :+)

Here is a close up of the quilting - an all-over design:

Quilting Design:  Stars and Loops

I have decided that every Friday, along with my WOTGF post, I might post shop stuff too - and only Friday.  So, if you are not interested, that's fine, you can skip my Friday posts :+) Other days will be just my day to day things... Whatever takes my fancy. 

So, on shop news, if you have received my newsletter you will have found that I have TILDA kits available!  How exciting is that?!  I totally *love* them myself and want to keep one of everything lol!  And, with an extra $5 off my price just for subscribers it sure is value for money.  If you are interested in purchasing a kit, and don't get my newsy, then send me an email, I will put you on the list and give you the code... Simple!

And I am pleased to say one of the projects I posted yesterday is finished.  Talk about a drama!  I just cant believe one little thing took ALL day - no joke.... ALL day!  The pattern had me stumped so I did it my way LOL


Rosa said...

Such lovely quilt.Happy quilting!!

Cathy said...

6 months?? Wow thats close....See im still here, and Ive spent all morning sorting out My Blog List...think some people were on it 3 times....

Vicki said...

Actually, not to put a dampener on your day, but it is only 5 months from Wednesday!!