Thursday, 19 July 2012

Name badge and stitching

I forgot to show you the name badge I made for the Burnie Friendship Day.  They had a little competition: make yourself a Christmas Theme name tag you received a little gift.  I got busy and made myself this tag using a Theodora Cleave button:

And, I made Mum one too (sorry no pic, but hers was the same button, with her name):

And, after Mum was jumping around trying to get noticed for her tag, she was presented with the gift basket.  She chose 2 gifts - one for me and one for her.  Here is my Gift:  A lovely rotary cutter purse:

And, everyone who attended also received a decorative tea towel and this cute applique reindeer towel is mine!  Isn't it gorgeous?!

Thankyou to the Material Girls and The Piecemakers for such wonderful gifts and a great day!!

I have been stitching too!  Seems like I haven't done much lately, but really I have!  This little sneak peep is for an up and coming gift:

Hopefully tonight I can get one part done, and tomorrow another!  Fingers crossed!


Vicki said...

I had to ask Gail to put away her breasts because she just wouldn't stop flaunting her badge!! LOL She was SOOO funny :)

Annie said...

You and your Mum did have lovely badges - love the sneak peek of what you're working on.....anticipating the finish!

Linda said...

Love the badges...too cute! Oh and I can't wait to see the whole project you're working looks delightful!!

Roseanne said...

Love your badge Sarah well done.

Christine said...

Loved your name badges .. you really deserved your prizes.

Aimee johnson said...

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Aimee johnson said...

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