Sunday, 22 July 2012

More secret sewing and a GIVEAWAY

Yes, more secret sewing!  I have managed to finish this stitchery last night.... Tomorrow's plan is to finish it up!  Not really a 'blue' fan, but it has turned out VERY well!

Interested in over a week full of Giveaway Goodness?  To celebrate Janelle turning a certain age in just over a week, she is going to hold a give away every day until her Birthday! 

Pop on over by clicking her button (the pic here OR the button in my sidebar - top left) to check out whats on offer today!


Leanne said...

Your stitchery looks lovely from what I can see.

Cathy said...

Very secret....looks good though!!

Christine said...

I am following Janelle and her Big Birthday Giveaway, but I thought I would tell you that I would secretly love a Gammill. That would be awesome. Congratulations. Your work is beautiful.

Mhairi said...

I am following Janelle's blog and I came here for a visit. I love your blog and your store.