Sunday, 27 May 2012

My Birthday gifts

 My Birthday gifts from Dawnie arrived on Saturday (they were sitting at our old address for goodness knows how long) there is no one living there, the package was still on the doorstep. Dennis picked it up yesterday!  Dawnie made these for me on behalf of our online stitching Group and the theme is Cook, Grow and Eat.  It is going to be a interesting swap for sure!
So, for EAT Dawnie made me this cute cupcake measuring tape cover:

For Grow, she gave me 2 herb packets and this cute hessian bag..... Dawnie, do I need to put a little pot in it?

COOK: Dawnie made me this GORGEOUS cupcake apron! The fabrics are SO cute! I have to watch my Mum when she is here..... she is trying to scoff it! lol

THANKYOU Dawnie SO much for my gifts xx


Susan said...

Happy Birthday. Dawnies gifts are lovely. Especially like the little hessian bag/pot. Hope you had a great time.

DAWNIE said...

So glad they finally arrived safely. Had fun putting this together for you, the hessian bag not made to plant the herbs in, but just in readiness, use the bag for whatever. Hope u like the cupcake had fun inventing this one. Re the apron the shop I purchased the fabric from asked me what I was making ando told her she shud make one and kit up for her shop. It was a hit and she has now sold out. My daughter wanted it too bit I said I had made it for you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful gifts from Dawnie.

Roseanne said...

Wow what great gifts you got Love the cupcake measuring tape cover.