Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A sewing project FINISHED!

Last weekend, I had the sewing itch.... An itch to make something new, a quick project!  I found on THIS blog these CUTE Peanut pillows and purchased the pattern.  Talk about QUICK to make!  I think the longest part was choosing the fabrics!  It took me less than half an hour to make!  

Mine, Fig Tree fabrics.  Butterscotch and Roses:

Dennis's peanut was from Authentic:

Mine doesn't look as full as his (might need to add a little more stuffing!)......

Great when you are watching tv!

I am sure it wont be the last time I make them too.  For the pattern, click HERE.  But be warned..... You wont stop at one!

I have LOTS of sewing to do.  I have finally stitched the centre of my Country Fair quilt and am very happy with that.  I must get in and take some pictures to share.  And, I need to get my bum into gear as we are expecting a couple of little ones in our family in the new few months, but at the rate I am going, they will receive a quilt on the 1st Birthday (or longer lol).


Anonymous said...

what a great idea Sarah.xx

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Sarah - Love your Peanut Pillows - thanks so much for purchasing the pattern!

Roseanne said...

Sarah they look good. I brought the pattern to thanks.

Anonymous said...

Love these cushions... My Mum used to have one of these :)