Tuesday, 3 January 2012

My blocks

Happy New Year!

On my Design Wall, from last Wednesday and Fridays sewing efforts! The full set of 2011 Friends In Stitching 6" blocks. I started out with a fat eight bundle of Park Avenue which I sat aside for this project for AGES! I still have plenty left..... I don't want to buy any more, just use what is left to piece them together. Not sure as yet, how I would like to piece them..... Any ideas? Thinking of 3 per row, 4 rows and cream sashing with a corner stone?? Or maybe a couple of narrow sashings?
The bottom right block is Fiddlers Jig, I was thinking of re-doing it as the colours blend a little to much, BUT, it caused a little bit of grief so I am going to just leave it!

Geesh, its HOT today. Actually, the last few days have been HOT! Couldn't sleep last night as it was too sticky. So, just whacked the air-con on, popped down to the shops and came home to a nice COOL home! Bliss!

Now I am going to tidy my sewing room up a little (its not too bad at the moment, you can see the floor), so I can work out what my next project will be. No doubt I will have to get this kit pile down so I should work on one of those!

Oh, and I have a finish! I will wait until my quilt-hanger-upper-er gets home tonight to take some pics!
x Sarah


Annie said...

I love sashings and cornerstones....to me they really tie a quilt together while still defining each block. Love the colours Sarah!

Roseanne said...

I thought I was the quilt hanger upper o well looks like I got the sack. LOL!!!! Your blocks look good.

Christine said...

You have been busy ... again. They look great. I nearly got my FIS blocks from 2010 out this morning but settled on an even older project from 2004! Making a pieced backing from scraps.

Leanne said...

Your blocks look great Sarah, you have been busy.
Have a great day on Friday, I wish I was going to,

helbel19 said...

Looking good Sarah.....did you finish the 2012 block quilt ? Just thought I would ask..... can't remember if you did yours or not.


De said...

Blocks look good Sarah - I still need to get mine done! Cant help much with the piecing though and now Im scared if the Fiddler's Jig caused you grief.

Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

Well done Sarah!! Must get back into mine....only a couple to do. Your colours look great!

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