Monday, 23 January 2012

Asian Leaves

Remember this quilt that was on my machine which had not been started? Well, I did promise a pic of the quilting..... Here is the top:
And back:
The pattern is called Asian Leaves:
Its quite a nice pattern!
Not very happy with blogger lately. Cant seem to put a link in under any pics.... I have to drop the pic down, link what I want, then drop and drag the pic back again. Oh and my writing after a pic seems to be underlined, blue and I think linked! Driving me NUTS! Anyone else having trouble?


Larissa said...

What a gorgeous quilting pattern!!

Anonymous said...

lovely quilt Sarah,yep lots of people having problems,hang in there hopefully it is being fixed.xx

Lib said...

Not having any problems here Sarah. What browser are you using?

Lynda said...

I changed browser to Mozilla Firefox whenI was having problems uploading photos. No problem since. The quilting looks great.

Bec said...

beautiful the pattern.