Friday, 16 December 2011

What's on the Gammill Friday

Friday again. Can you believe there is only one more Friday before Christmas?!

Anyway, here is today's effort.... One of 2. Yes, only 2 today lol

Finished off, and handed back today! Quilting pattern: Faster Posies.

Tomorrow we are off to Lonnie, Christmas shopping time! I can imagine what it will be like too.... CRAZY!

Today is the start of my holidays! A whole month off. I have heaps planned, but will I get it all done........ Probably not! Maybe if I write it all down???


shez said...

yes write it down Sarah i find it helps and you seem to get more done,good luck

Michelle said...

I love to write lists not sure that it helps much but I like the satisfaction of crossing something off that list!
Have fun shopping!