Wednesday, 21 December 2011

More Christmas sewing

Day 3 of my holidays and I have managed to get heaps of sewing done! But I can tell you, the house is a total mess lol! You cant even see my sewing room floor.... SERIOUSLY!

Today, I have managed to sew up the opening and top stitch 5 little projects and nearly completed another project. Just have to sew up the opening on that and then that's a finish! Yesterday, I did manage to complete this BEAUTY:

Sorry, I cant show you any more as the recipient reads my blog! I will say, I love, *LOVE* it! I hope the recipient does too!

Best be off, I have a couple of orders to pack and I have to wrap Mum and Dad's gift and get them to the PO today!


Anonymous said...

your peek looks lovely Sarah,nice fabrics used,merry xmas to you and your love ones.xx

Fiona said...

Love your little peek Sarah. Merry Christmas Hugs - Fee X

Anonymous said...

Oh, I have just bought some of the same fabric, just because I loved it - I can't wait to see what you made with it - might give me some inspiration on what to do with mine!! Merry Xmas!