Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Gift giving

My work does not have a break-up Christmas Dinner/Party, they whisk us away on holidays instead..... But, we decided to meet up for lunch yesterday at the local which was very nice! As usual, I make the girls on my shift a little something..... Usually something like a Christmas Decoration (last year it was the Christmas Goose Bags), this year it was something a little different!

I decorated some brown lunch bags instead of wrapping. Used some Stampin Up stamps and punches, ribbon and printed off the bauble papers from the net. Pretty pleased how they turned out and they didn't take long to do either.

I gave them each one of Janelle Wind's iPhone covers in their colour/style - I will say, these coves are SO quick and easy to make too.... VERY addictive lol:

And, a calendar for their fridge:

Day 2 of my holidays.... I just need to get this gift I am working on together today, so I can get the other 4 done! Luckily the others are only smallish ones.


shez said...

Sarah what a beautiful idea and love your gifts going into them,well done and merry xmas.xx

Deb said...

Sarah they are lovely little gifts and I bet the girls loved them.
Happy Christmas.

Annie said...

What gorgeous presents Sarah....and I absolutely love the paper gift bag....no I won't buy stamping stuff. No I won't buy stamping stuff. Noooo I wooooon't buy stamping stuff.........!!!!