Sunday, 4 December 2011

Button *LOVE*

A few weeks ago, while at the local Chemist, one of the ladies who worked there had this GORGEOUS button necklace! We got chatting about it and found that it was purchased from the Exeter Market! She also wrote down the website for me to look at. And, OH MY GOSH....... Such a BEAUTIFUL range of necklaces on the site! I just HAD to have one! I decided on one (which took me a while to choose), and sent Kylie from QLD an email. And, quick as a flash, my necklace arrived! Talk about HAPPY! Here it is:

I couldn't wait to wear it.......

Its an early Christmas pressie to me from me! I also found out that the stall was going to the market again, but went over to Exeter yesterday only to find it was today! DUH! I did think about going over again today, but had visitors and quilt pick-ups..... Hopefully next time!

You can have a look at her website HERE. She also has a facebook page too..... Look her up. But be warned, it will hard to choose your favourite!

Update on Friday's quilt.....I am still going at it! Not even half way! Though my echoing is not perfect, it is going ok for my first attempt! Takes ALOT of time, but the effect is worth it!

I also did a little sewing yesterday afternoon while I had a friend here that is learning to sew. She made some large hexie blooms and attached them onto cushions. They looked great!

I hope you all have enjoyed your weekend.

x Sarah


Leanne said...

Very pretty Sarah.

Anonymous said...

lovely necklace Sarah

Pauline said...

hahah I just finished my blog and was surfing and guess what...I put my new necklace on there too!!! thats too funny....they are great arent they..? love what you did with Susans quilt by the way looks awesome!

De said...

Love your button necklace :)

Mary said...

That necklace is gorgeous. Love it. Thank you for sharing.