Wednesday, 30 November 2011


So I am back from Melb! We had a great time! Spent a fortune, but that's what it is all about right?!

Anyway, on Thursday I surprised Dennis by taking him to the Tutankhamun Exhibition! That was just fantastic! I am SO glad we went, and that it is STILL here! If you get the chance, you really must go! Then off for Dinner with my 3 cousins! They are a hoot!

Friday, we pottered around and went to Ikea! WOW!! The displays are just gorgeous!! If we took the car, we could have easily loaded up!! This room was one of my favourites:

Seriously, when are we getting one of these babies in Tassie?!

Saturday was AQM. And can you believe I did NOT take one pic while there?! Honestly, whats wrong with me!! It was quite busy and it was good to catch up with everyone! I even caught up with one special lady for lunch and actually REMEMBERED to take a pic. It was SO nice catching up Kerri xx

Sunday, back to AQM as I decided to get a couple of things, then we pottered about! We found The Cupcake Bakery and they even had HUGE cupcakes! We had to stop in for a cappuccino and cupcake..... This is the one I chose:

Now back home, and have a ton of new stuff to load on my site! That's going to be a mission and a half! I also have new stuff coming too..... probably next week! But, keep an eye out on my New Arrivals page!

While away, we had our online Groups Ornie Swap! TOTALLY love what I received! I will take a pic and come back tomorrow and show you!

x Sarah


Vickie said...

Oh Sarah, lovely to read you had a good time..Oh yes I pine for IKEA can't wait till I am back down Ikea up here,cheers Vickie

Linda said...

Looks like you had a great time! I love Ikea....there's one about an hours drive from me...and that cupcake...amazing!!

Fiona said...

Yes I love Ikea !! Looks like you had a wonderful time - Kerri is a doll isn't she?

Hugs - Fee X