Sunday, 30 October 2011

My blocks and the label

Check out this gorgeous label made by Jane! Perfect for the quilt don't you think?!

And, these are my blocks. Seems like SO long ago I made them!

'The best place to be is in a loving family':

Lately, I have been stitching, mainly for myself even though I have swaps due soon! But, I do have some bits traced out so it is a start on those lol!


Anonymous said...

so lovely Sarah and the navy and white look so good together.

Pauline said...

quilt looked awesome sarah...well done to you all!!!

Larissa said...

That quilt looks amazing Sarah!! ... Your label is gorgeous ... and your blocks are fantastic!!! ... Can I ask where you found/came up with the stitchery pattern?? ... Fantastic work!!

Sarah said...

It was such a lovely quilt you all did.

Well done team.

Susan said...

Love your block Sarah. That stitchery is so sweet, and the navy and white so crisp and fresh. It's a great idea for a group quilt. Thanks for sharing it.

Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

It was an honor for me to do the label Sarah & a pleasure to help create a quilt with all the FIS girls.