Monday, 9 April 2007

Our Sewing Day

Today I had Kristy and Roseanne over for a sewing day. We all made the Country Keepsakes Pinkeeper. She was so much fun to make and we all had a ball!! The top piccy is the one I made. The second piccy: first one - Kristy's, middle - Razzy (she used brown hair as she deosnt like raggedies too much) and third - mine. Kristy bought with her the most delicious homemade triple choc brownies to have for arvo tea...... mmmmmm..... heaven!!! I dont reakon I will get too much sewing done this week as I am doing a couple of 12 hour shifts finishing at 3am.


**De** said...

You girls are so lucky having sewing days! Perhaps I need to invite myself along to at least get something finished!

The raggies look great!

helbel19 said...

Wow girls they look terrific, its so nice to enjoy your craft with friends thats for sure.

Well done.


Lynda said...

I think we should all invite ourselves down to Sarah's for a sewing day. We'd get so much done (she says with a straight face). Your pinkeepers are lovely. A friend made me a similar one with a button necklace.


jenthebum said...

Good work Girls. Sewing groups are wonderful.....but at the one I go to we all seem to talk and laugh so much that not enough stitching gets done. We have a great time though.

Razzy I am with you ~ I am not into Raggedies either but I do appreciate the work that goes into them.

The world would be a pretty boring place if we all liked the same things hey?