Monday, 2 April 2007

Lap Quilt Buggy Barn

I have just finished another project from my "to do" list!! It is a lap quilt from the pattern Yellow Brick Road. Very quick and easy!! The last sewing day both me and Roseanne had, we finished the top (well I actually made 2 - one is repo fabric and hope to finish in the next month or so). I got the kits from Ebay and they only cost me $25 each - for the top only: 6fq's and 1 1/2mts for the border.... what a bargain!!! 2 of the kits were Buggy Barn fabrics and Roseanne bought one of them from me, I usually go for green's and she likes purples and when I got them in the mail, I decided to do something different for a change and go for the purple and she can get the green and I just love it!! I quilted it on my "doover" using a meander stitch with the Signature varigated thread in green and I am quite happy with the outcome. Me, Roseanne and Kristy hope to have another sewing day sometime over Easter and we are all going to make a raggedy pin cushion, I will let you know how that goes. Now, back to the cushion........................ AND Mothers Day...................have something half done for my Mum, but nothing for MIL!!!!


helbel19 said...

Very nice Sarah, colours are great and what a bargain, well done.
Its so good to craft with friends helps to keep the motivation going.

Your "to do list" will be getting too short, you might have to add a few things to it. lol


jenthebum said...

Beautiful Sarah. Your doovering looks really good.

And yes, I agree with Helen, you will have to add more to your list.


jenthebum said...

Oh forgot to say ~ good on you for trying a different colour Sarah. I have been doing that lately and am finding other colours that I really do like and thought that I didn't.