Monday, 30 April 2007

Journey of a Quilter Block 6

Hello, Hello!!! I had a very productive weekend thats for sure!! I have now finished Block 6 of the Jorney of a Quilter, which is great as the next one just came in the mail!!! AND, there's more - I have now finished my Mum's Mothers Day pressie!! WoooHoooo!! I am not going to send it yet Mum, I might send it next week - express post so you wont be tempted!!

I dont reakon my Everyday Angels will be too much longer as the quilter told me it will be ready by mid May so I am getting a little excited about that as I first thought I finished it about 3 years ago, but now I think it may be more likely 4-5 years!!!

The next project to be done will be something for MIL for Mother's Day and I have no idea as yet on what to make, better hit the books!!! Cya, xxx


Lynda said...

The block looks lovely Sarah. My "Everyday Angels" is still unquilted - I think I made it about 2001. I have hopes of quilting it this year.

Roseanne said...

Well Sarah u are doing better than me i have only done the first block lol

gwen said...

Your blocks are all lovely. It will be a great quilt when finished. I love your journal, what work and inspiration. I think if I did something like that for each of my quilts, I wouldn´t have any time left to actually sew the quilts! Take care.