Tuesday, 30 January 2007

My "To do list for 2007"

***All these are for me and some are WIP (Work In Progress)***
1. Quilters Journal by Leanne Beasley ***COMPLETED***
2. Journal of a Quilter BOM by Leanne Beasley WIP
3. Yellow Brick Road lap quilt with Buggy Barn fabric (kit) ***COMPLETED***
4. Yellow Brick Road lap quilt with repo fabric WIP ***COMPLETED***
5. Yellow Brick Road quilt with Pandoph fabric WIP
6. Raggedy Angel's BOM quilt by Angels in Disguise WIP ***COMPLETED***
7. Past Times quilt with Maison De Noel fabrics
8. Gracie Anne by Annie Smith WIP
9. Short Stacks quilt with Simply Irresistible fabric
10. Just Cant Cut It twin quilt in Aunt Purdy's Parlour fabric (kit)
11. Santa (kit) by Sun Valley Primitives
12. Maude the Sewing Doll (kit)
13. Everyday Angels (top completed approx 6ys ago!!!) ***COMPLETED***
14. Paddington Satchel by Moonshine Designs ***COMPLETED***
15. Nancy Halverson 2007 Calendar Panel ***COMPLETED***
16. Le Jardin Quilt with Wuthering Heights fabric WIP
17. Dont Forget The Chocolate with Mistletoe Manor Fabric ***COMPLETED***

**The next lot are for gifts**
1. Very Tidy Bin ***COMPLETED***
2. Seagrass Basket Liner ***COMPLETED***
3. Kristy's B'day pressie (which I will not mention) ***COMPLETED***
4. Annie Downs home wallhanging ***COMPLETED***

****These next items are the ones I have been asked to make****
1. Baby's cot quilt in green's ***COMPLETED***
2. Baby's bassinet quilt in green ***COMPLETED***
3. Baby girl cot quilt in pink ***COMPLETED***
4. Pillowcase for Baby Girl ***COMPLETED***
5. Baby Boy cot quilt in blues ***COMPLETED***
All this plus Secret Santa Xmas in July 2007 items!! looks like I am going to be busy!!
**Secret Santa Items**
1. Bag ***COMPLETED***
2. Cushion ***COMPLETED***
3. Suprise ***COMPLETED***
4. Xmas Tree Ornie ***COMPLETED***

Secret Santa Xmas Day Swap 2007
1. Wallhanging .***COMPLETED***
2. Doll ***COMPLETED***
3. Surprise ***COMPLETED***
4. Fq + Button ***COMPLETED***


De said...

Busy??? Snowed under more like it!

The basket liner - while looking complicated was quite easy even if you have to rework the measurements for a different size basket.

All those quilts - very time consuming!

Maybe I should put up a "to do" list to keep me on track!


Roseanne said...

well Sarah that will keep u off the street`s for some time .I think a to do list is good keep u on the right track.
Quilts!!quilts !!quilts so many to do and little time to do them in