Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Bag - ready to go.........

After not being 100% happy with the bag pattern I had chosen, I have found another design and I reakon my partner will like it. I have made it before and I thought it was just lovely. So, I went through all my fabrics and found the "perfect" main fabric for the Secret Santa bag!! But, I didnt have a co-ordinating fabric, bugga, I HAD to go to the local patchwork shop and get some!! hehehehe. Now I have gathered up all the bits and bobs and am ready to start!! Hopefully Friday :-)

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De said...

Nothing to do with the bag here. Just letting you know about the template. Its actually just one of the standard ones available (think its called Scribe) and Im pretty sure its the same one Helbel uses. I just went and edited the bits I wanted to and added some pictures and changed the colours around.

I played with some other templates but they just werent right.

Good luck!